About Indian Chef in Cambridge

Encouraging Healthy Eating & Cooking with authentic flavours of Indian Cuisine

Flavours by Taruneet

Hello food lovers, I will start by introducing myself. My name is Taruneet Walia, and I am a chef who has owned and operated an Indian restaurant and food truck in Cambridge, Ontario. Even though I studied Hotel management, the greatest influence on my food comes from my Biji (grandmother), Massiji (aunt) and Mom (also my critic and my biggest cheerleader). In my journey from my home kitchen to training in one of the best 5-star kitchens, I realized that fresh ingredients and beautiful spices are the backbones of a great meal. 

Travel also influenced my cooking as it allowed me to witness the unique flavours of different regions in India while visiting my dad at his job postings. I realized that the best meals are simple, healthy, and represent where they come from.

The more I learned about food and how to cook, I also started learning about the flavorful, aromatic, and powerful spices. I say spices are powerful, not only because they make your food taste out of this world, but because they have incredible healing properties for your body.