My name is Taruneet Walia. I am a chef and I’ve owned and operated an Indian restaurant named Mango Chutney in Cambridge, Ontario. I have a Masters in Hotel Management from India and gained my experience by working in a 5 star kitchen with great chefs. However my biggest influence in my food is my grandmother, my aunt and my mom, from whom I have learned the essence of Indian cooking. In my journey from my home kitchen to training in a 5 star kitchen, I realised that the fresh ingredients and beautiful spices are the backbone of a great meal. Also, going back to the roots of Indian cooking that I saw and learned from my home to travelling various parts of India with my father’s ever transferring job, I realised that the best meals are simple, healthy and a true representation of region or place they come from.

As I became more aware of the use of fresh ingredients, I started to understand that good food does not need any fancy ingredients or frills or fats, nor does it need butter or cream that is used in most commercial cooking of Indian food. On the contrary Indian food is the healthiest cuisine in the world with its use of wonderful different spices. With my mom’s and grandmother's teachings I also learned that when these lovely and powerful spices are used in the right way, they can actually heal your body.

After running my restaurant kitchen successfully for about 6 years and having a loyal and regular clientele, I want to bring my passion and understanding of spices to every household in Canada who wants to eat healthy and delicious meals.

Many of my guests who come into the restaurant started asking me about the recipes and the different spices and I started telling them about the goodness of spices and how each spice that I use has a certain effect on the body and is good for us.

I am a strong advocate of healthy, home-style cooking with deep knowledge of spices. I look forward to sharing the things I include in my daily routine to keep my family healthy and at the same time satisfy their taste buds, and I hope to do the same through my website.

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Food should always be fun no matter what. Chef Taruneet will help create recipes and food recommendations according to your food allergies, preferences, or restrictions. She will help create dishes that are nutritional, tasty, and easy to create.

Indian cooking and the use of spices can be very daunting and confusing for many beginners and lovers of Indian food. Chef Taruneet makes the steps involved in cooking very easy to understand and fun to execute.

Enter the world of wonderful spices which not only gives heavenly flavours to your food but are also really beneficial for your health by learning how to cook with them.

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